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International cooperation Events
◎ 2001 年 5 月
Shareholders and SGL (SGL) began selling imported electrodes in China market agents.
◎ November 2008
Japan imported 350 shareholders UHP electrode special for steel mills.
◎ 2011 年 5 月
SEC products into China, where 670 × 450 × 3000mm special carbon industry in China first imported Japanese products.
◎ 2011 年 12 月
SEC photovoltaic substrate production by using complementary products / seal on trial in the country.
◎ 2013 年 8 月
SEC- Chinese carbonaceous material testing material of their respective companies.
◎ 2014 年 3 月
SGL Tokai Shanghai company (STS) to grant Yu Linde Citic electrode sales agent eligibility.
◎ 2014 年 10 月
SEC- carbonaceous material, semi-finished first entered China by Yu Linde is responsible for assembling products into the Chinese market.
◎ 2015 年 1 6, Japanese customers to visit our company
◎ 2015 年 3 19, German customers to visit our company

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